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Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" "ag******@gmail.com" wrote: Thanks for your reply David.I was just lamenting the fact that the Update Command did nothing. I have since gven up on editing with the Grid View and instead use the Select Command to redirect to antoher page with a Details View for the edit. Im using a Radgrid to display some results where the user can edit/update/delete them.I'm using a single SQL Server 2000 table to fetch the results... But I am able to do it successfully using the Gridview control... When I click the update link the Gridview returns to display mode with no errors but the data from bound text fields or dropdown list isn't updated in the table. Vans where Van [email protected] Id" I am using this update command: Update Command="Update dbo.Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" "ag******@gmail.com" wrote: The delete method in your code uses the same WHERE condition as the Update.The screenshot below shows an example Web page using the code I will present in this article.Note that for each record in the that's bound to the Data Grid, the details are displayed, along with an "Edit" and "Delete" button.

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I have a Grid View with a couple of Template Fields. My Grid View: Auto Generate Delete Button="True" Auto Generate Edit Button="True" Cell Padding="3" Grid Lines="Horizontal" Data Source ID="sds Vans" Data Key Names="Van Id" Auto Generate Columns="False" Css Class="wa Grid View" Allow Paging="True" Show Footer="true" Horizontal Align="Center"" Select Command="SELECT Van Id, Vendor Van No, Vendor Code, Start Date, End Date, Status, Active FROM dbo. Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" Delete Command="Delete from dbo.

Net Grid View control in order to add new record to the database.

On the onclick event if the button the records are inserted into the SQL Server Database and the Grid View is updated You can view above I am simply getting the data from the textboxes in the Footer Row and then firing an update query along with the select query so that the ASP. The figure below displays the Edit and Update functionality.

Tinkering around with the grid a little I came up with a way to easily add a "New Record" row to the bottom of the grid.

Essentially, I display a series of Text Box Web controls in the Footer of the Data Grid into which the user can enter values for a new record.

To see how to delete a record from the Data Grid, be sure to read Part 8.) When I got to the question of adding new records, though, I seemed to hit a wall.